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    Fact Check your Aspiration.
    Test and see if people buy into your campaign ideas for politics or social good by collecting and mobilizing people to pledge to your campaign. The donors will only be charged if you reach your target and meet the criteria for the campaigns.
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    Get Funded
    Raise the money needed to fund your political campaigns, political party or social impact project with ease.
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    Be Heard, Seen and Known
    To raise money, win elections or fund a social impact project, your supporters need to know more about your campaign. Crowdpol helps you do all easily while you raise money.
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    Easy Social Shares
    We know you easily connect with your supporters via social media. We made sharing your campaign on social media easy too.
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    Get Involved in Social good
    Join forces with people to make your community better and help others.

It is fast and easy. Are you Ready to crowdpol your campaign?